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Industrial Box Furnace Made in China

Overview of box furnace
Adopting hot air through-flow technology, the roasting time is shorter, which can be reduced by half time compared with traditional equipment; the energy consumption of equipment is lower, the roasting temperature is more uniform, the setting of temperature curve and automatic control are realized, and the operation stability is very high; the double-layer frame structure is used for heat insulation, good heat preservation effect, and the external surface temperature does not exceed the ambient temperature + 20 C.

Technical parameter
Use temperature: Room temperature - 1200 C
Wind Speed Through Material: Non-standard Design
Installation power: Non-standard design
Outward Size of Equipment: Non-standard Design

Introduction of Equipment
The whole device is composed of material placement pan, box body, heating circulation system, electrical control system, etc.
The box body chooses insulation material according to different temperature, and designs manual or automatic door according to different discharge time

Heating cycle system
The equipment designs a heating system, the heater uses electric heating (or gas heating), heating power is adjustable. The temperature sensor is double-supported. The system is equipped with one or more circulating fans.

Electrical system
The whole equipment is equipped with a control system. The control mode is PLC + touch screen. The main control functions are as follows:
(1) Temperature curve setting and automatic control
(2) Heating temperature setting and control, display
(3) Control of circulating fan,  frequency control of speed
(4) Interlock of heating and circulating fan
(5) Over temperature alarm (sound and light alarm when exceeding the set temperature + 10 C or below the set temperature - 10 C)
(6) Fault alarmIndustrial Box Furnace Made in China

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