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ceramicdouble side squaring and polishing machine

multifunction skirting ARC polishing machine with profile for ceramic
HF-R1200 Multifunction Arc polishing machine is our latest develop product for ceramic,marble,granite,This machine combined Arc Polishing machine and Profiling machine,it is suitable for step tile,L type,skirting,45°edge,polishing the groove of tile.After the machine introducing in the market,is speak highly by clients.
Qty of conveying beltpcs1
Qty of polishing headspcs14
Dia of polishing headmmΦ100
Numbers of chamfering wheelpcs5
Dia of chamfering wheelmmΦ150
Dia of shaping wheelmmΦ150
Qty of shaping wheelpcs2
Qty of polishing wheelpcs4
Dia of polishing wheelmmΦ150
Qty of down chamfering head个/pc1
Dia of down chamfering headmmΦ100
Qty of drying meatus个/pc2
Working widthmm80-1000
Polishing speedm/min1.5-7.5
Working thicknessmm6-30
Total powerkw47
Air consumptionL/min55
Weightkg8000ceramicdouble side squaring and polishing machine

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